3 Pack Reusable Shape Up Wrap By Neutriherbs For Smooth Skin Toned Stomach


3 Pack Reusable Shape Up Wraps

  • DETOX & BURN YOUR BELLY FAT: Combine this sauna-like wrap with a rejuvenating body applicator and lots of water, and see your body become visibly slimmer, fitter and healthier!


  • GET A TONED & FIRM STOMACH: Sometimes weight loss, exercise and diet are not enough to treat unsightly fat tissue or stretch marks. Give your body a little localized help, straighten out your postpartum stretch marks or cellulite and get a perfectly toned and firm stomach!


  • INCREASE THE EFFECTS OF YOUR BODY APPLICATOR: This shape up wrap is designed to be used along with herbal and clay applicators and enhance their effects. Forget cheaply made cling film – this wrap will help you get the body you always wanted!


  • LUXURY SPA & SAUNA TREATMENT: Enjoy the rejuvenating effects of a spa and sauna treatment from the comfort of your home and save time and money! This thermal spa body wrap will help you sweat out harmful toxins and body waste and balance your metabolism!


Enjoy The Flat & Toned Stomach You Always Wanted – Starting Today!

Do you feel unhappy with your body and, more accurately, your stomach?

Aren’t you sick and tired of having a flabby belly and stretch marks, despite all the weight loss, dieting and exercise you’ve tried?

Would you like to try an effective and affordable way to detoxify your body and get a slimmer and more toned stomach?

Well, you’re in luck! This shape up wrap may just be exactly what you need!

Get A Luxurious Spa & Sauna Treatment From The Comfort Of Your Home

A rejuvenating sauna is exactly what you need to sweat out all the toxins that weigh you down and kickstart your metabolism. Not everyone has the time and money to spend on an expensive spa retreat, though. Don’t worry – that’s what this amazing shape up wrap is for!

All you have to do to start working towards a slim waist and toned stomach is use a body applicator – a rejuvenating herbal and natural mix of nutrients that help you detoxify your system and balance your metabolism.

This great shape up wrap is specially designed to effectively keep the body applicator in place and offer you the freedom of movement to go about your business.

It also works exactly like a sauna – by raising moisture and temperature levels, it allows your pores to open, sweat out toxins and metabolic wastes and absorb the body applicator’s beneficial ingredients.

Give Your Diet & Exercise A Helping Hand

This shape up wrap will help you treat belly fat and stretch marks much more effectively, bringing you one step closer to your dream silhouette!

So What Are You Waiting For? Order Now, While Supplies Last!

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