5 Neutriherbs Ultimate Body Wraps Works to Tone Tighten Firm


  • ADIOS BELLY FAT ONCE & FOR ALL: If you are looking for effective yet natural ways to fight stubborn accumulated problem areas from your tummy or legs, then we got you covered. We proudly present you the ultimate Body Wrap set of 5 and the shape up wrap strap that will sculpt your body


  • DETOXIFY YOUR SKIN & BODY IN A NATURAL WAY: Forget all those cheaply made body wraps that don’t really work and Try Neutriherbs Superior Body Wraps. Along with the shape up wrap strap, help keep your skin flawless thanks to their natural and potent infused gel.


  • USE IN THE COMFORT OF YOUR HOME: Wear one shapewear body wrap around the waist area, the belly, your thighs, legs and butt as well your arms. Its large size about 22″ (length) x 11.5″ (width) will cover and reach all hard to get areas and tone your skin while moisturizing it at the same time!


  • BODY WRAPPING HAS NEVER BEEN THAT EASY: Our compression body wrap kit is meticulously designed to be extremely easy and convenient to use by all. Perfect for both men and women who have issues that are persistent and for all those who want a firmer and tighter and toned skin. To secure the body applicator in place, use the reusable shape up wrap strap.


  • HEAT YOUR WHOLE BODY UP WITH THOSE THERMAL WRAPS: Did you know that in the anti-cellulite war, heat is your strongest ally? This body wrap applicator focuses the heat. Place this non-woven cloth wrap infused with body contouring cream, around the problematic area, wait for at least 45 minutes, remove it and gently massage the rest of the remaining lotion into skin.


Embrace The Slimming Wrap Treatment – Cherish A Toned & Thinner Body Again!

Are you looking for fast yet long lasting ways to get that beach body you have always dreamed of? Does the post pregnancy weight drive you crazy?

If the answer to those questions is yes, then you should keep on reading because we have the Superior body contouring wrap proposal for you!

Whole Body Sculpting Wraps

Our body contouring wrap applicator is here for you and cocoon your skin in warmth and coziness while you are cooking lunch or reading a book.

No more expensive spa treatments appointments. This wrap corset has everything under control for you without having to spend a small fortune every time!

Rejuvenate your whole body

Treat Yourself With A Natural & Effective Body Wrap Strap Therapy

Do not compromise with anything less than perfection when it comes to waist trimmers and body wrap applicators.

The natural blend of Caffeine, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Seaweed Extracts, Hyaluronic Acid and Panax Ginseng Extract and so many more will improve your skin,

What are you waiting for? Get your set of premium body wrap applicator and wrap strap cause your skin simply deserves the best!

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