EHM Countertop Ceramic Mineral Water Purifier


Mineral Countertop Water Purifier – Stainless Steel 

Do you ever feel like your drinking water is just not quenching your thirst? Would you like it to feel more refreshing? Does your water lack taste too? Scientifically, water hydrates your body better than regular water. It increases and improves absorption, allowing your body to take in and process the water easier, faster, and more effectively, leaving you more thoroughly hydrated.

The EHM Countertop Ceramic Mineral Water Purifier is the perfect solution to affordable, home water purification. This free standing water filter is easy to use and simple to install; just pick a spot on the sink top or adjacent countertop to place the unit and connect to the faucet. This filter is designed to remove suspended solids, pathogenic bacteria and cysts, while greatly reducing inorganic compounds, organic chemicals, fluoride, and heavy metals. It improves the taste, color and odor of your drinking water. This EHM ceramic filter is the most advanced ceramic filter available and will deliver the highest quality drinking water possible from a single stage water filter system. 



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