Pilaten Black Mask 60g Bottle


PILATEN Black Mask

  1. Unclog Pores: The essence within the Black Mask rapidly penetrates deep into the pores to soften the interior walls and unclog the pores.
  2. Absorb dirt: The extracted mineral mud facilitates the essence’s absorption of stubborn dirt within the pores, effectively & rapidly.
  3. Remove blackheads, acne & other impurities: After the dirt is absorbed by the mineral mud and the pores are unclogged. Blackheads, acne & other impurities are easily removed making the face smooth, clean & refreshed.
  4. Tender the skin: The PILATEN Black Mask contains natural extracts such as glycerin, which is beneficial to improve damaged skin, reduce pores, and tender the skin.

How to remove blackheads? This is your answer!

The PILATEN Black Mask is made to clean out the dirt and dead cuticles off your facial skin.
Using the PILATEN Black Mask on a weekly basis improves the blood circulation under your facial skin, keeping it young and fresh!


  1. After cleaning your face with a towel, lay a hot towel on your face for 5 minutes to make the pores expand
  2. Take the needed amount of the gel, and apply it evenly around the nose and other needed areas.

Leave it on your face for 15 to 20 minutes, until it feels dry and tightened around your face

  1. Gently and slowly peel off the PILATEN Black Mask from the bottom up.
  2. Blackheads, acne and other impurities are now on the removed black mask, along with dead skin.

The nose and other areas are now all clear! (Apply 1-2 times per week).


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