Quantum Shield Cell Phone Radiation Protection Blocker EMF EMR

Quantum Shield Cell Phone Radiation Protection Blocker EMF EMR


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Insert This Device and Your Headaches May Just Vanish

There’s a problem that more and more people like yourself are learning about – the fact that cell phones are affecting your health. It’s because they are microwave transmitters.

The Green 8 transforms the radiation emitted by your phone to make it less harsh on your body.

I Guarantee You will Be As Satisfied As The Thousands of Other Happy Customers or I Refuse To Keep Your Money – Simply Send Them Back For a Full Refund.

Cell phone radiation is a problem that is impossible to fix with standard technology because these devices must transmit microwave radiation or they simply will not work. It requires unconventional technology like the Quantum Shield if you are not ready to ditch your cell phone.

It’s true – they are very convenient and hard to avoid these days so why not try out a Quantum Shield and see what you think…

Cell phones are normally disturbing to many of your normal cellular processes. This has been extensively documented

What the does is attract atmospheric energy to influence the field from the cell phone in an attempt to more correctly match a true ‘bio-field’.

What is a Quantum Shield

The electro-magnetic field form a living organism (bio-field) is distinct from the electro-magnetic field from a man-made device like a cell phone.

The Quantum Shield changes the structure of the electro-magnetic field of your cell phone to more closely resemble that of a bio-field. This causes the phone to be less disruptive to normal biological processes.

The harmonizer for cell phones and cordless phones (DECT)

neutralizes electromagnetic radiation
stress-free telephone use – without complaints
no discomfort, feeling of stress, fatigue
*easy, lasting application

The solution for all cell phones and DECT phones:

Cordless DECT phones require 2 Quantum Shield – one for the base station and one for the phone unit.

When you use a cell phone your head is absorbing microwave radiation. There is no denying this fact.

What can you do?

Should you throw out your cell phone and give up?

(I’ll hold my opinion on that question for now so I can give you some alternative solutions.

How Can A Little Chip Like

The Quantum Shield can Help You?

A few years ago there were a number of companies selling radiation blocking products, and while I did include one among a number of more advanced products, these have slowly disappeared from the market.

Why is that?

Real quick let me explain…

A cell phone has the ability to continuously search for the best signal it can get from all of the cell towers in the area and “choose” the best one to grab a signal from.

As you move it will continue looking to see if there is a better signal to be found.

Now you know why cell phones are continually varying their power level. This actually may make them more damaging to you than cordless phones of similar power levels.

Why is this?

Simple – the continually varying power level makes it impossible for the body to resolve and block out the signal from your cell phone.

You see our bodies are very complex and have this ability to “get attuned to” irritating stimulus such as an electrical signal. When this signal is constantly changing however, it is much more difficult for the body to block it out.

So what happened to cell phone radiation blockers?

Well you can still probably find them at the dollar store but they will never do you much good aside from what they were originally intended – to block only the radiation that would go into your ear canal.

Why just the ear canal?

This is the soft tissue pathway into your brain. The idea was the the skull would protect some of the radiation.

The reason that they were designed in this way is that if they made the Quantum Shield larger it would disrupt the function of the phone and it would compensate for it by putting out more power. That would make your battery run down faster and essentially defeat the Quantum Shield

Radiation is necessary for your cell/mobile phone to function properly. They made these “blockers” small so they wouldn’t disrupt the function of the phone but still block the radiation from the ear canal.

The problem is that when more and more companies started selling these devices the claim went from:

“Blocks 99.9% of the radiation from entering the ear Quantum Shield

but slowly turned into…

Quantum Shield Blocks 99.9% of the radiation from a cell phone.”

There is a huge difference between these two statements and there were at least a couple of companies that lost large lawsuits as a result of the second statement above.

If blocking Cell Phone Radiation is not the answer what can be done?

Here’s where we enter into a new realm of science so hold on to your seat for a moment.

We really are entering a new era of science as finally some of the science fiction of yesteryear is becoming the reality of today.

In this case were talking Hyper dimensional Physics a term which should properly be given to men like James Clerk Maxwell and Nikola Tesla but being used by current Scientific Researchers like Thomas Bearden and Richard Hoagland and spoken about on his enterprisemission.com website (tell him I sent you if you check him out.

Proof The Quantum Shield Works To Protect You From Disruptive Cell Phone Radiation

Test Report

Effects of electromagnetic radiation & emissions of mobile phones to any biological systems – human as well – visible by AURA-Photograph

20.12.1999 – 12:30
20.12.1999 – 12:40
20.12.1999 12:50

Quantum Shield Products have been tested on PROGNOS system ( proprietary test equipment of Russians – to check total behavioral changes on human body in complete & on individual organs of the body. Specially designed for astronauts whilst in the space).


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